Journey to the Centre of My Earth

I started out with a deep plunge
I said, ‘Yeah, let’s take the challenge!’
So, I made a plan, for I don’t venture,
I packed a sword for protection,
My heart, so that I always knew my North,
A falling star I once found, spit and hid
In my secret sacred locket.
Its beam of light would guide me through the dark.
I was set.

The beginning was so exciting!
I felt brave and I was chanting,
I was my own country, my own hymn
I was in for a crazy spin.

A blink later,
Decades of loss have passed,
Centuries of longing and sorrow,
Millenniums of void tomorrows.

Am I there yet?

Millenniums of laughs and cheers,
Centuries of dance, solo and with peers.
Decades of … stumbling on words.

Am I there yet?

A googol of blinks like that.