MM (Marvellous Medicine)

Today Grandma’s feeling sick
She’s got hiccups, nausea and a rick.
She can’t move her neck or arms,
It seems she’s lost all of her charms.
She feels desperate, she feels blue,
There is nothing she can do.
But this is when I come around
To help my Grandma for a pound.
“Calm down, Grandma! Don’t be sad!
Nothing’s going to be bad!
Trust in me and you will see
How good my medicine can be!
I need some pepper and a bug,
I’ll put them all in a big jug,
I need two snails and a bumble bee,
Two rotten eggs and a cup of tea,
Five shrimps and other things as well,
All with a rather nasty smell.
I’ll mix them up, I’ll cook them right
To get a mixture before night.
Have a spoonful, have no fear!
How do you like it, Granny dear?”
Will she feel better? Will she feel worse?
What can I say, I’m not a nurse!
I only tried to do my best,
Help my Grandma get some rest.
Let’s wait till morning and we’ll see
How good my medicine can be!”


Poezie inspirată din romanul lui Roald Dahl – George’s Marvellous Medicine