Engleza este o limbă plină de poezie, dar și de umor, a vrut să le arate elevilor săi profesoara Corina Huiu. Așa că a scris câteva versuri ce servesc minunat drept lecție. De limba engleză, dar și de viață.

My dog simply loves to eat
Tasty chops of juicy meat,
Loaves of bread and rolls of cheese,
He never gets enough of these.
“I’m still hungry, I want more!
Can’t you see that I adore
Tasty treats like marmalade,
Ice cream, milk-shake, chocolate?
I’m as hungry as a wolf,
That is why I say “WOOF, WOOF”
All day long and night and day
Please, master, what do you say?”
“I say “STOP IT! That’s enough!
No more eating tasty stuff!
You’re as chubby as a pig,
Don’t you see you’re getting big?
Here’s the menu for today:
Spinach, carrots and a pray,
You must lose some weight till noon,
Or else I’ll put you on a diet soon!”